The History of Soccer in Brazil Essay

The History of Soccer in Brazil Essay

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Brazil is known for the beautiful scenery and its Carnival. It’s also known for its great athletic achievements throughout history. Soccer, also known as “futebol” the national sport, is played by almost every little boy and girl in the streets of their hometowns. Some young children blossom into the great players that Brazil has had play for either the Men’s or Women’s National Teams, and some grow up to be crazy supporters.Brazilian football, unlike any other cultural interpretation of an individual sport, has the ability to conjure up one’s mind an essence of mystery, of carnival, of rhythm, of unadulterated joy and freedom. (Mann, 2013) Over time Brazil has had it’s up and downs while playing the sport in the country, but that’s what makes the history of the game so unique. The team has had many achievements over the years, including winning the World Cup five times. There are players who have been recognized for making a difference on the team, or in the games. Soccer is the national sport, and the turnouts for each game at the famous Maracana soccer stadium, also known as the world’s largest, are tremendously huge. Seats are full, faces are painted, supporters are screaming, the vuvuzelas or “horns” blaring, and the crowd is going crazy. Things can get a little hectic though. Some brazilian citizens take soccer way too seriously and go to drastic measures to extract revenge. The history of soccer in Brazil is one of rich beginnings. This includes how the game even made an appearance in the country from the English version, and the man who brought it. The players are a rich part of the history also. From players like Pelé and Ronaldo, to more current but still historic players like Marta and Neymar. The leagues have a rich ...

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