The History of Robots and Their Effect on Society Essay

The History of Robots and Their Effect on Society Essay

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Think back to a time way before mass production and the inventions that powered them. A time when everything was made by hand with blood, sweat and time. These goods usually faced many problems quality wise, took longer to produce and could not be made any smaller because of human inability. Today, when people buy something new they usually don't think about who made it and what had to happen to create it. While most people can think of foreign workers making all of their products there is also another worker which plays a major role in the production of goods in our world. The robot creates and assembles many of the goods we have which couldn’t have even been done by humans and save us work which would have been excruciatingly time consuming or difficult. While many may think that robots are something that has only been around recently and will of only be of any use in the future when they can do all of our work for us except they have been around since prehistoric time. Robotics and innovation have taken the world to the next level, and as time continues robots are going to drive the way into the future. These mechanical devices have revolutionized the way our world works. Robots have played an important role in society since the beginning of time with automatons, presently in manufacturing and a variety of other tasks, and in the future when they will be able to tend to our everyday needs and our society.

Have you ever thought of a cuckoo clock being a robot? Technically it was considered one at one time because it could act independently from humans. Through the use of gears, springs and coils it could power itself and tell time as well as had a bird that could chirp. There were other automatons though which were a lot more...

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