History of Communisms in North Korea Essay

History of Communisms in North Korea Essay

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Throughout the past, many events have occurred that change the perspective toward people and countries of individuals. In the situation of North Korea, a country which is viewed in a negative manner, people view their government as cruel, torturous, and unwilling. Many do not understand how this happened. Events such as the Holocaust have changed the viewpoint of those whom started North Korea. But what did these events do to the county itself? These events changed many things within the land of North Korea which led them go to war with their own people and separate into two countries. During this war, North America took sides with South Korea and generated a conflict between the United States and North Korea.
The beginning of North Korea all started on Russian soil as immigrants moved to Russia from Korea because of economic causes. As Koreans arrived in Russia and settled, they started a group of the Russian Communist Party under the Bolsheviks. Eventually, these Soviet Koreans were known as the “Irkutsk” group. All operations conducted by the Irkutsk had to have supervision by the Bolsheviks through the Comintern. The Comintern, better known as Communist International, had a mission to “organize the working class of the whole world for the overthrow of the capitalist order and the establishment of communism.” As the Irkutsk group grew, they looked towards their leader a man named Kim II Sung who was the commander of the first Korean battalion in the Soviet Army. Eventually, Kim II Sung became the supreme leader of the emerging North Korean state. After multiple missions completed by Kim II Sung, he went to travel back to Korea in August of 1945. By late August, 1945, the Soviet Army gained full control of the northern part...

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