Essay about History of Baseball Worldwide

Essay about History of Baseball Worldwide

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To some, Baseball is just a sport, but to others, baseball is a way of life. In the United States, but young kids mostly coming from a Hispanic country and tend to do nothing except eat, sleep, and breathe the sport of baseball. The importance of the sport gives those kids a chance to make something to look forward to in their lives. The reason why parents push their kids so hard with baseball is so that those kids can have a chance to escape their life of poverty that their parents went through. Therefore, by playing baseball all day, everyday, which then gives them a chance.
The exact place the sport of Baseball started is still being discuss be many historians, but some would say that it was In the United States, which is why baseball is known as America’s Past Time. The first time the game was introduced was in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in the year 1792. The New York Knickerbockers was the first baseball team to play with rules that were set during that time. The club was founded on September 23, 1845, as a social club for the upper middle classes of New York City, and was strictly amateur until its disbandment (“Baseballreference”,n.d). A few hundred years later was when a terrible period in baseball began called the Dead Ball Era which lasted from the beginning of the twentieth century until roughly 1920 (“Baseballreference”, n.d). During those years, many baseball club owners were wealthy enough to start a team and pay his players but they had money to an extent. Because of the fact that one single baseball could not last an entire game due to the amount of things that happens like being deformed due to the bats hitting it, being covered in dirt or mud, green spots from the grass, getting lost and such, just could not happe...

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...ages, baseball players around the world are all looking to achieve that one dream which is to play in the Major League level.

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