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History And Tradition Of Egypt Essay

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Egypt is a city bound to its history and tradition. Portraiture in Egypt was the inspiration for many cultures and stood as heavy influence for the catalyst of portraiture development around the world. Portraiture in ancient Egypt was constant and predictable until the late eighteenth century when Amarna style portraiture was introduced. The Amarna style stands out in Egyptian history for its severe contrast and break in tradition. The rendering of the body changes completely and deviates from what is expected of Egyptian art. This falls into the same time when Amenhotep IV was introducing other changes into Egyptian culture as well. As Amarna style progresses it is accompanied by the institution of Egyptian henotheism. Over two thousand deities were to be abandoned during Amenhotep IV’s eighteen year reign. His name would become Akhenaten and the Amarna style would be grouped into a class of ancient art surrounding Akhenaten, his family, and the sole god Aten.
The Amarna style begins in 1336 BC at the beginning of Akhenaten’s reign. Many scholars believe that the Amarna period begins during the time of Hatshepsut and the usurpation but strict evidence derives from the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The clearest changes witnessed in the transition from traditional Egyptian portraiture to the Amarna style are the distortion of human figures, the emotional intimacy portrayed between figures, and the non-conformity to Egyptian ideals in art. The break in custom art styles is seen in Egyptian tombs, sculpture, architecture, painting, and hieroglyphs. Many artistic rituals in Egyptian art that had been practiced for centuries were not merely changed but abandoned during Akhenaten’s reign. In line with tradition Akhenaten as pharaoh...

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...Akhentaten. The Egyptian people abandoned the city of Amarna just as they had once been forced to abandon their beloved gods. The city of Amarna was emptied and left Akhenaten’s successor to rebuild Egyptian culture. Assuming the throne as a boy Tutankhamun was left to construct the shambles of Egypt. His first move was to reinstate all of the marvelous Egyptian gods. Following this propaganda move was the build of his temple and tomb. Although he had rebuked his father’s notions for a monotheistic society he had not completely transitioned from Akhenaten’s reign. Throughout Tutankhamun’s eighteenth century reign the Amarna style still survives. Tutankhamun’s successor, Ay, who received his kingship by marriage to Tutankhamun’s widow was very old and rued for a brief four year period. His reign continued into the Amarna period but relatively ended Amarna style art.

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