The Historicity Of The Bible Essay

The Historicity Of The Bible Essay

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The historicity of the Bible is a key argument for the reliability of the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser stated that:
The evidence for the truthfulness and historicity of the Bible continues to mount up as never before. Just when skepticism seems to be making the most noise, we are being flooded with an overwhelming amount of real, hard evidences that demand a verdict opposite to what sceptics… are clamouring for in their current worldviews and life views.
This statement is accurate, and this is exemplified through the discovery of archaeological locations, numerous historical artifacts, and the unearthing of Biblical figures who were once thought of as myths. These items of evidence all demonstrate the historical reliability of the Bible.

The Bible frequently mentioned cities, towns, and other locations that would immensely damage its accountability if there was no evidence for their existence. Adversely, there is a substantial amount of evidence for many locations in the Bible, including Ur of the Chaldees and Hazor. Ur of the Chaldees was first excavated from 1922-1934, but its ziggurat was often spotted by travelers as early as the 17th century (Ur of the Chaldees). This location was described as the birthplace of Abraham in approximately 2000 BC, but was assumed to be a myth before its excavation. This is good evidence for the reliability of the Bible because it identifies the same religion and customs as noted in the Bible, as well as the inscription of the name “Abram” on the wall of the Ziggurat, which shows that it was a name that was used in that place and time. This evidence means that this location wasn’t just fictionalized for a name in a story, but rather it was an actual location, whether Abraham was born there or not. ...

... middle of paper ... figure who was widely thought of to have been fabricated by the authors of the Bible, as no records had been found proving his existence. This changed when a building in Caesarea was found to have an inscription that named Pontius Pilate as the benefactor for its construction. This is good evidence because it shows that Pilate was a real person. This is significant because Pilate played an important role in Jesus’ crucifixion, and this gives the story accountability.

Walter C. Kaiser’s quote was correct in stating that there is countless evidence for the historicity of the Bible. This was made apparent through the discovery of Ur of the Chaldees and Hazor; the Tel Dan inscription and the Cyrus Cylilnder; and the discovery of Belshazzar and Pontius Pilate. All of these pieces of evidence give reliability to the Bible through the establishment of its historicity.

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