Historical Geology Of The Southwest Landslide Essay

Historical Geology Of The Southwest Landslide Essay

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Matthew Sewell
Historical Geology 204
Historical Geology Final
1.) There are three clear landslides; the southwest landslide is stream-laid sand and gravel from the quaternary that was located on a steep slope resulting in gravity pulling sediments down the steep slope. The northeast landslide appears to be tuff sediments that have fallen upon biotite-quartz diorite rocks. The northwestern landslide is the largest of the landslides. The landslide occurred just south of the creek; erosion must have lowered the creeks elevation creating a steep decline resulting in Bena gravel to fall.
The alluviam sediments (sand, gravel, and silt) were deposited in a fluvial environment along the creek. Sand, gravel, and silt-sized grains are commonly found along the banks of rivers and streams. He map supports this evidence by displaying the alluviam sediments from the Quaternary along the creek. These are the youngest sediments in the area, consequentially; they are the closest and most recent sedimentary deposits of the creek.
The terraces (stream-laid sand and gravel) from the quaternary are slightly older than the alluviam sediments and also follow along the creek. They are slightly older than the alluviam sediments; therefore, they are deposited farther away from the creek as accordance to Walther’s Law.
The Kern River gravel (cobble and pebble gravel, sand and silt) is located at the mouth of the creek and at some of the lowest elevations. The cobbles and pebbles are heavier than the other sediments and this makes them more susceptible to gravity and will travel to lower elevations and be deposited under smaller sand and silt-sized grains forming an alluvial fan.
The Bena gravel (pebbly granitic sand and gravel) is deposited so...

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...the mid-ocean spreading ridge. The oceanic crust was part of the Farallon plate, which has now almost completely disappeared because it was consumed by the North American plate (Levin).
Once the Farallon plate disappeared, this brought the North American plate in direct contact with the Pacific plate. Initially the Pacific plate had being moving north, so when it first came into contact with the North American plate it didn’t subduct, but they rubbed against each other. This formed the San Andreas Fault (Levin).

1.)Bartow, J. Alan, 1987 Cenozoic, nonmarine sedimentation in the San Joaquin Basin Central California in Cenozoic basin development of coastal California / Raymond V. Ingersoll and W.G. Ernst, ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice-Hall, 1987
2.) Levin, Harold Leonard. The Earth through Time. 10.th ed. New York: John Wiley, 2003. Print.

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