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Hip Hop, By Simon Harris Essay

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Although at first there weren’t many UK record labels that were focused solely on hip hop, eventually there was one formed in 1986 by Simon Harris. He named the label Music of Life which had rapper Derek B the first rapper out of the UK that got on the charts. The Music of Life label went on to have a lot of success when they signed a bunch of local artists. Local artists include people like Hijack, Demon Boyz, and Hardnoise. Together they managed to be a very successful label putting out mixtapes that later paved the way for other labels to come up. Mango Records and Kold Sweat are examples of other labels that became big during the 80’s. During this rapid change in hip hop there many different artists started to take influences from other places. Some mixed jazz and hardcore, some took elements from reggae, and others even included some elements of disco. With the UK being such a diverse place with many different cultures many different artists used that to make their own style of music that the world hadn’t really seen before that.
Some big artist that managed to chart worldwide like Slick Rick and MF Doom both of which lived in the US were actually British born they moved there during the early periods of their lives but their time in the UK helped shape their music. By the late 80’s too early 90’s British hip hop was starting to gain a lot of momentum, not only in the UK but around the globe. One of the big factors that helped push the movement forward was a magazine called Hip Hop Connection the first major British hip hop publication. It was founded in 1989 and became the longest running monthly magazine devoted entirely to hip hop culture. It was quickly recognized around the world for its amazing content that fans loved...

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...e types of rappers are gang affiliated and often times they send hitmen after each other if they are rivals. Drill rap is influenced by road rap mentioned earlier which came originally. The popularity of this genre is somewhat substantial since it has spread to other cities in England like Liverpool and Birmingham.
The trajectory of British hip hop could go anyway it seems to be increasingly popular and as they continue to break the global charts people are starting to pay more attention. They have taken a very popular genre of music and managed to make it something that’s entirely original. UK rappers have made a huge impact on the music community showing everyone that they can compete with the best of them. They also are very innovative when it comes to fusing different genres to make new ones. At the rate that its going they may one day rival the US in hip hop.

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