Higher Is Cost And Time Project Management Success Essay

Higher Is Cost And Time Project Management Success Essay

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expected to decrease the execution risks (Benaroch 2002; Padhy and Sahu 2011). Based in this elements we propose the following:
Hypothesis 3: The longer the Project Postponement is, the higher is Cost and Time Project Management Success (CTPMS) of IS development projects

The outsourcing of IT functions has been widely discussed in the literature over the last 25 years (Lacity et al. 2010). In IS, companies list a plenty of motivators for outsourcing such as their core business, the rapid introduction of new products, increased productivity, increased access to technical expertise, and the lack of the required internal resources (Chang and Gurbaxani 2012; Gorla and Somers 2014; Liang et al. 2016). Nevertheless, economic considerations are taken into account for decision on the outsourcing model as well as its adoption level (Ang and Straub 1998). In consequence, cost reduction emerges as one of major factors that lead a corporation to consider outsourcing (Schwarz 2014). From the ISD project perspective, outsourcing success management is crucial due its impacts on project costs and timely delivery (Gorla and Somers 2014). In order to avoid problems in project execution, risk management usually consider outsourcing to assure project success (Gefen et al. 2016). Client and vendor IT capabilities matching also increase the possibility of making an outsourcing project successful and reduce the risk of failure of IT outsourcing (Han et al. 2013). (Aubert et al. 1998) reports several risks of IS outsourcing, including the delayed delivery of data and the slow implementation of IS/IT projects.
Nevertheless, there are several studies that points a positive relationship between IS project outsourcing and PMS. Srivastava and T...

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... due to increased coordination effort and decreasing motivation of team project (Ingham et al. 1974; Latané et al. 1979; Walter and Zimmermann 2016). Chidambaram and Tung (2005) use Social Impact Theory (SIT) in order to provided empirical evidence that as team size increases, productivity per person decreases due to the effect of social loafing, wherein team members do less than their potential. Taylor et al. (2012) have also posit about the high communication and organizational complexity in larger teams. On the other hand, Balliet (2010) argues that a small team eases communication within the team and with project stakeholders improving cohesion and cooperation Based in these statements we propose the following hypothesis:
Hypothesis 6: The larger projects team size is, the lower is the Cost and Time Project Management Success (CTPMS) of IS development projects

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