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Heroin Use, Drugs, And Drugs Essays

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Heroin Use in Tucson AZ.
Over the years a terrible drug called Heroin has increase its demand in Tucson Arizona, the main problem is the "prescriptions of opioid pain medications such as Oxycontin and Vicodin can have effects similar to heroin when taken in doses or in ways other than prescribed, and they are currently among the most commonly abused drugs in Arizona and in the whole United States". (NIH), other very common factor why many people of Tucson are using Heroin is because it is a very cheap drug that you can get in the street value between only 15 to 20 US dollars and is very easy to find Heroin in the streets as many people say, you could almost find a dealer in every corner . The equipment that addicts and Heroin user use is called " the works". The spoon and lighters are used to make the spoon heat and the Heroin as well, the needle is filled with the heated Heroin, a rubber strap is used, so you can tie around the arm to facilitate the process of making your veins become more visible and then be injected. so all "the works" items are actually very easy to get and increased the chances of using Heroin among people in Tucson.
The price of heroin is even greater than its 15 to 20 dollars street value, as you can see heroin can bring you more expenses that can be attracted to you in a near future, the U.S government in 2010 estimated expenditure of approximately 27 billion dollars in mortality, unemployment, incarceration etc, According to Heroin.net. Heroin increase that chances of dying, many of Heroin consumer have a high risk of getting an overdose, it all depends on the quality of the Heroin, so many addicts care more about their satisfaction than their own health. Your chances of getting a job gets lower b...

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...iving, so fairs payable jobs it will be a very good help to these heroin epidemic in Tucson.

A terrible drug has control of our parks, our youth, and many of those people that due to the circumstances got attached to this terrible drug, a drug that makes a damage everywhere it goes, a terrible drug that has destroy families, and many friendships, a terrible drug that has finished with the lives of many unaware people, a terrible drug that has destroy many jobs and professional athletes, and still many people decides that this terrible drug called heroin is the solutions to their problems, I hope that one day we could look back in time and just remember how times were when we had that problems instead of actually be living in it. I hope that one day gets very close, so we can be remember as the generation that ended the illegal use of terrible drug of heroin.

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