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  • Safer to be Feared than Loved in The Prince

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    Safer to be Feared than Loved in The Prince Rulers throughout history would have different reactions to Machevelli’s statement,  “It is much safer to be feared than loved”. Rulers that wanted total power would have a tendency to agree with the claim but other rulers exerted power without being feared. Charlemange would disagree with Machevelli because he reaped great benefits from friendliness. Charlemange supported and cooperated with the church throughout his reign. In return, the church crowned

  • feel safer now

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    Feel Safer Now? 1.     In order for organizations to function, there must be a free flow of information. This is a complex process, which becomes even more complicated when information is expected to flow freely from one government agency to another. This is the difficulty which plagued US agencies in the events leading up to September 11th. There were several sources of breakdowns in information present before the attacks in New York. One of the large breakdowns in information was due to information

  • Restrictions on Guns for the Sake of Life

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    also. Restricting the right to bear arms will undoubtedly make any community safer. However, to do so would take a lot more than just prohibiting the sale of guns. Many people, at least in my community, own guns. Granted, many of these guns are used for hunting, but they are still guns. The authorities would have to take everyone's guns away to really make a community safer. I believe that it would make a community safer because guns kill, accidentally and on purpose. Many people argue that

  • IndyCar Racing - We Need Speed

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    sport has been progressing in recent years. That includes trying to increase the speed of the cars at whatever means possible. The IRL was formed a few years ago under the direction of Tony George. He is trying to make the sport less expensive and safer by using different motors/chassis and slowing down speeds. Racing has always been about going faster than the next driver. It was about trying to beat course records and lap speeds. But if Tony George has his way, all course speeds will be reduced

  • 14 Elements Of A Successful Safety & Health Program

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    processes and equipment are being designed. Organizations must incorporate safety into workplace design, production processes and selection.They also need to evaluate and modify or replace exisiting processes, equipment and facilities to make them safer. We explore how the design and function of the workplace can complement safety and health goals, minimize exposure to hazards and promote safe practices. Element 3: Safety Performance Management As in all areas of operations, standards must be

  • Street Racing

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    Street Racing To race or not to race, what will keep you safe? Racing can be safe but not always if you race illegally. There are a lot of safety items that some racers don’t even use, I mean they keep you safer but they don’t spot the buck for the equipment. They spend so much money on their cars to make them faster, yet most of them don’t spend money towards safety. I know what you’re thinking, THIS IS LUDACRIS but it is the truth and you will learn more by reading below. Safety is a very

  • Lord Of The Flies

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    street was torn inside out or badly damaged. Ralph sedated by the blast awoke later that morning to find his mother running around what remained of the house. “what are you doing mother?” he asked “You need to get out Ralph; you need to go somewhere safer”. “What! Where will I go?” Ralph’s mother turned around kneeled over and stared him in the eyes. Ralph could see the fearful and worried look in her eyes, she was trembling and had sweat dripping down her pointed chin, and he could see she was afraid

  • Egyptian Life

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    Step Pyramid. This had two purposes: a royal tomb and a temple for worshipping the spirit of the dead king. Around 1600 bc, robbers had raided the tombs of all the valuables. It wasn’t until after this time that kings thought their bodies would be safer in tombs cut from solid rock. Ancient Egpyt seemed like the perfect place for building pyramids. It was a long, narrow, fertile strip of land. It had natural barriers to protect the land from invaders. There were deserts to the east and west, delta

  • Animal Testing (speech Outline)

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    Specific Purpose – To persuade my audience that animal testing is wrong and how other safer alternatives should be taken. Central Idea – By going the extra mile in using safer alternatives when experimenting with animals will not only prevent conflicts from pro-life activists, it will minimize lawsuits and morals will be preserved. Introduction I.     Okay I got a riddle I made up for the class. A.     What was once cute and furry but becomes a bloody rotted mess? B.     You guys give up? C.     Well

  • Universities of the Future

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    innovations. Instead of a mere few, all classrooms will be “wired,” and all students will have access to the new learning opportunities, which are brought forth with computers in the classrooms. New machines will create better security systems for a safer learning environment. Advancements in cameras may make it possible for students to meet with professors face to face with out ever leaving their dorm room. Considering how far Clemson has come in the past few years, it is almost overwhelming to imagine