Essay on Heroin Is A Huge Problem

Essay on Heroin Is A Huge Problem

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Heroin in Toledo, Ohio.
In Toledo, Ohio heroin has been on the rise in recent years. Unfortunately, being an addict can happen to anyone, no matter what age. A lot of people may think it will never happen to them, but most addicts say the same thing. Heroin is a huge problem. It can be so addictive, that even if you are clean for years, you may still come crawling back to it. Joe, who was severely addicted, relapsed multiple times and is now 8 years clean. But he does admit the temptation is still there. There can be many ways to become clean from drugs. But clearly, not everything works for every person that is addicted. It doesn’t just have to be heroin, it could be other heavy drugs that become heavily addictive.
According to the Toledo Police Department, Heroin has been hitting hard. So many people are getting their hands on it, it doesn’t matter if the person is 16 or 40, they can still get ahold of it. “We(the toledo police department) have seized about $400,000 worth of heroin in 2011. But this year just threw August, we have seized 1.36 million dollars worth.”(Craig Thomas) In that statement alone, that shows just how much this has increased from 2011 to 2016. There is something that must be done about this! There could be multiple solutions to this problem we have today. Some solutions could be exercising, going for a run, joining a therapy class, or maybe something as simple as just getting out more. As a result, it could work for some, but again, not for every individual person. Maybe they don’t like exercising? Or maybe they are scared to leave their house in fear of being judged about someone? What else could they do?
In the state of Massachusetts, they have made a safe injection facility- under a nurse’s supervisio...

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...only does heroin spread very quickly throughout toledo, other very serious drugs do as well. It is so important that we stop this so we can cut down on overdose deaths.
In conclusion, heroin is a terrible thing to get addicted to. Everyone who has seen or met, or even know somebody who is addicted knows how painful it can be to not only see it, but even live with it. Heroin is something that is very hard to overcome. Not all solutions work for everybody. Possible solutions could be exercising, police station help, and safe injection sites, all stated above. People have different ways of dealing with things, but I very strongly believe the police station solution is truly the best. Not only does it show that the person wants help, but it shows that they are willing to change, which is huge! With these solutions available, the heroin usage rate will drop drastically.

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