Heroin And Its Effects On Drugs Essay

Heroin And Its Effects On Drugs Essay

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Diacetylmorphine, known as heroin, is an extremely addictive drug that comes from the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. To harvest, the seed of the opium is cut and juice flows out. The main ingredient contained in the juice of the opium seed is morphine, which can be converted into heroin by chemical processes [1].
When introduced into the body, heroin mimics the peptide substances called endorphins. The specific endorphins that heroin effects are neurotransmitters in the brain that is responsible for pain, pleasure, and fatigue. Heroin will combine with the receptors in the brain, which produces a person to feel in a state of euphoria and analgesia. This results in a reduced natural endorphin production, which causes a person to need to replace the naturally produced endorphins, without the replaced natural produced endorphins, addiction occurs [2].
There are many drugs that have been developed in the past to try to help heroin addicts cope with their addictions. However, most drugs that have been developed have had side effects, or not produced a full effect of sobriety from the user. Some popular drugs that have been developed more recently are methadone, Levo-aplha-acetyl-methadol (LAAM), and Buprenorphine [1].
About 1.6% of the population, or around 4.2 million Americans aged twelve and up, were reported to use heroin in the year 2011. Among those 4.2 million, 23% were reported to be independent on the drug [3]. It has been estimated that 27-38% of regular heroin users will die within 20 years of starting [6].
Heroin affects the entire body with a main concentration on the brain. Upon entering the body, heroin is converted quickly back into morphine [3]. The drug quickly attacks receptors in the brain, specifical...

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...processes in the body, and can help with the activity of a large amount of drug-like compounds. Today, specifically, high-throughput screening has been used for the use of discovering parts for receptors, with a concentration on G-protein coupled receptors, enzymes, ion channels, hormones, nuclear receptors and DNA[7][8]. Although high-throughput screening has a large focus in other areas of research currently; high-throughput screening has the potential to be used in many different areas of research.
The process of high-throughput screening can be performed in multiple different ways to accommodate for the different types of compounds being assayed, and results that are trying to be attained. However, high-throughput screening follows a backbone structure as to how the chemical process is performed.
First, the process for picking the compounds to be assayed

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