Helicopter Parents : A Good Effect On Children Essay

Helicopter Parents : A Good Effect On Children Essay

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Helicopter Parents
A helicopter parent is recognized as a parent who hovers their child or is deeply involved in their child’s life. Helicopter parents are symbolized as HPs. There are both good and bad HPs. Some may have a good effect on children; some may have a bad effect. These parents feel as if they are helping their child’s educational purposes, when in reality, many are not. Helicopter parents may be a help to some children, just not all. HPs are overprotective and overinvolved, but very caring and loving towards their children. Helicopter parents may or may not cause harm to their children’s development.
This topic forms many questions upon families. One in which is, what causes people to become Helicopter parents? HPs fear failure amongst their children. “Parents don’t want their child to fail or suffer consequences” (Hiltz 26). Fear is a significant part in why parents are turning into HPs and hovering their children. Parents shouldn’t be judged either way (Paulson). In some situations it is okay to hover your child, but in other situations children need their space away from home, including time away from their parents. “Helicopter parenting is getting even murkier” (Jayson D.4); murkier meaning dark and gloomy. Parents might be too pushy with their adult children or their children may be too needy. It is said that parents are expecting too much out of their child. This strict discipline causes a fear in the child’s mind. Some of these children of HPs may fear the parent’s restrictions and how they maintain a success in their child’s education. Children fear not being able to do what they want in life.
Others say that parents act the way they do due to their love for their child and their innermost connections...

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...rent to act the way they do. Some HPs may feel as if their child wants to leave and would much rather be away from them. It is not like that in all cases. Students have lived with their parents since the day they were born; they are excited to try new things and be on their own. Parents just need to realize their child is all grown up and it is time to let go.
Helicopter parents have had a huge effect on children. Nowadays college students are unemployed and still living at home. HPs put fear in a child’s mind by have such a controlling personality. Parents are controlling their children’s future goals, and future plans. On the other hand, there are reasons parents are this way. Parents need to set their child free and let them learn the meaning of independence. When it comes time for college, students need to know how to be independent and take care of themselves.

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