Essay on The Heir Apparent

Essay on The Heir Apparent

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He looked to the rainy skies, in shock as his mother’s blood mixed with the water and dripped from his small hands. He was only six, somewhat old enough to understand death and silence.

He was eight, living in the castle with his grandmother. He looks at his friend’s smiling face, his icy blue eyes big and adorable, and laughs too as the dog makes off with an entire wheel of cheese. The servants chase her, but to their dismay they cannot wrench it from her mouth. The two fall into a giggling fit.

He was nine, all of his family gone. He looks for his friend as he leaves the castle for the small village, but he cannot find those blue eyes again.

“Listen up, you little shits. I couldn’t care less whether you’re nobility or not, you came here to become knights, and knights you shall be; if you can’t handle this, may your honor be stripped from you.” the instructor called out. “Now that we’ve got that over with, I’ve paraphrased it to hell but you get the point, our concern is the prince.” A few snickers rose amongst the handful of seventeen year-olds. “Settle! Our concern is the prince, and our knighting ceremony. We must get our tourney underway, to be the last is an honor. We begin at midday, from there we split into teams of two. I will be splitting the Alphas and Betas equally, mind you.” She chuckled. “I’ll take my leave. Try not to get too shit-faced before noon.” She turned on her heel and left abruptly.
Faraldr sighed, running a hand through his short black hair. His friend, Caedmon, clapped him on the shoulder.
“Ah, my friend, you have this in the bag.”

Isen knocked on the door hesitantly, a little intimidated by his old friend. If he could even call the man that anymore. ‘He probably won’t even remember me...

... middle of paper ...

.... You have to tell the Countess, at least, when we get back.” The knight added sternly.
“I can’t do that...”
“Your mother would accept you easier, she is not so mired in tradition.”
The prince stood.
“I will try. I think I should return to my chambers, lest anyone realize that I’m not present.”
Rising as well, Faraldr ushered him to the door.
“Thank you... for this, for agreeing to my mad plans. I’m glad you’re here, Fari.”
Faraldr gave him a smile, before placing a hand over his heart and bowing his head.
“I’m glad I’m here with you, Isa.”
The younger teen became characteristically flustered once again as he left.
Faraldr shut the door, leaning against it.
‘The things he’s going to get me to do...’

“Okay, um, I-I will try to get permission, then, I hope...” The prince said, trying his hardest to remain calm.
“If you’d like, I could accompany you?” The knight

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