Hegemonic Masculinity And Masculinity Femininity Essay examples

Hegemonic Masculinity And Masculinity Femininity Essay examples

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his Essay will analyse, introduce, and discuss the terms Hegemonic Masculinity and Emphasized femininity, if it still applies in modern times and the use of these concepts to comprehend the role of the man and female in Eastern Asia, in relation to post-war Japan. In order to present a clear and linear argument I will divide this essay into three parts: In the first part I will define the term hegemonic masculinity, the common traits and the influence that it has in society; the essay will continue then in explaining and outlining the term emphasized femininity. The second part will analyse the impact of the notions of hegemonic masculinity and emphasized femininity in relation to post war Japan has. The last part will briefly identify some counter masculinities and femininities that surfaced in response of the strict gender binaries imposed by Japanese society.
This chapter will depict the traits of hegemonic masculinity, by delineating first of all the key terms ‘gender’ and ‘hegemony’. As Bradley states, gender is an artificial social construct, which is asymmetrical and hierarchal, “it is a set of social arrangements determining how women and men live,” behave, or work, “and a way of thinking which divides people into two categories (or sometimes more) social categories”; it determines the relations between man and woman, it is not fixed but subject to fluctuation in time (history) or cultures (Bradley, 2013). The next essential key term is Hegemony, its etymology refers to the Gramscian coined term that explains: “the dominance of one group, nation, or culture over another, hegemony refers to relationships between classes. For Gramsci, hegemonic control is not maintained merely by force or the threat of force, but by consent...

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...ing to escape this strict gender binary, are emerging in Japan, since stable employment and financial affluence are increasingly unavailable. The technologically obsessed otaku (geek cool) exemplifies such alternative masculinity, who is unmarried and dedicate his spare time reading manga and playing videogames (Charlebois, 2014).
In conclusion, even with the presence of these counter masculinities and femininities, hegemonic masculinities and femininities still have their grip on gendered roles and society. They shift over time precisely in response to challenges like modernity and resistance, to sustain patriarchal power (Charlebois, 2014).As this Essay shows, Hegemonic masculinity and emphasized femininity are crucial in determining social values, roles and gendered behaviours, and these notions are reinforced and perpetrated also by the ‘oppressed’ class (women).

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