Healthy Eating Plan Vs. Jamese Essay

Healthy Eating Plan Vs. Jamese Essay

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison
Jamese has not been tracking her diet as much because she has so many other things to do. She will be graduating soon so that is her main focus plus she just does not have as much time right now. She has been taking vitamins, which is why she has been hungrier than usual. She also still wants to gain weight, but she is not eating enough to gain weight. She is just eating enough to maintain her weight. In order to gain weight, she has to eat more calories. Her diet compared to the recommendations was good for her height, age, and weight. She only eats enough calories to maintain her current weight. She is also getting a little more of each nutrient. In the grains group, she needs 15 ounces, now she receives about 9 ounces. She has been eating more vegetables, but she is still not getting the full 6 cups. She needs 4.5 cups of fruit and she has been eating more than enough fruit. She needs 9 cups of dairy and she consumes more now, about 4cups. She does not drink a lot of milk nor eat a lot of cheese, but she has been eating cereal in the mornings and sometimes for a snack. She needs 15 ounces of protein, in which she only consumed 10 ounces and she has started to eat more protein. She still needs 15 teaspoons of oil and does not consume as much as she should. Jamese already knows she is well over her empty calorie limit. She eats fewer sweets than she did as a child, but she still eats over the limit.
Jamese modified her diet by starting with small, easy steps instead of the huge change. She could start by adding a salad to her diet. She have been eating home cooked meals and making her own meals so now she know what she is eating and what is in her food. She most definitely cut back on eating fast f...

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...ransmit the nerve impulses and help make some hormones and maintain a normal heartbeat.
Overall, what Jamese has been tracking helped her learn about her nutrition diet and how to change it to make it better. She never really realized how certain nutrients worked in the body, nor why people needed them so much. Something that also interested her was learning that there are some foods that people just cannot live without, such as iodine. She has tried numerous times to try and read the Nutrition Facts but she could never really get a full understanding, but now she has a better understanding. She also never read the warnings on the labels, which she has started to read now that she knows they are there. Jamese has started and is still trying to work on her diet to have a nutritious diet and a healthier life. She also has been trying to become more physically active.

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