The Healthy Body Wellness Center Essay

The Healthy Body Wellness Center Essay

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The Healthy Body Wellness Center requires an Information Security Management System (ISMS), in order to implement a plan to maintain and audit the company 's information system security objectives. This necessitated outlining the scope of the ISMS plan as well as an evaluation of the risk assessment conducted by We Test Everything LLC (WTE). We Test Everything LLC was contracted by the Healthy Body Wellness Center 's (HBWC) Office of Grants Giveaway (OGG) to provide a risk assessment of the Small Hospital Grant Tracking System (SHGTS).
Business Objectives
The HBWC business objectives should be included in the Information Security Management System (ISMS) as this document will represent the organizations approach in designing, implementing, and auditing the company 's information system security objectives. In order for the ISMS to be applicable and appropriate to the organization, an examination of the business objectives of the company is required. This step is necessary to understand the needs to the organization when designing these objectives.
The Healthy Body Wellness Center 's (HBWC) Office of Grants Giveaway (OGG) provides medical grants to hospitals and facilities. The company 's mission is to promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of medical grants through federally supported research, evaluation, and sharing of information. As part of fulfilling the businesses objectives of the HBWC OGG has contracted with We Automate Anything (WAA) to design and implement the Small Hospital Tracking System (SHGTS). The SHGTS is vital in the current functioning of the OGG as part of the HBWCs mission statement, and allows for the monitoring and distribution of grant funds. The SHGTS also functions to coll...

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... should be included at this phase is that the management will review and produce implementation guides for implementing improvements.
• Act - In this phase ISMS improvements are implemented. Continuous monitoring of the process will ensure process improvement.
o Processes for this phase will include, implementing improvements that were identified in the check phase
At this stage you would then continue the process, as the PDCA will ensure the ISMS continues to evolve to meet the HBWC 's needs. Deliverables at this stage would include an audit checklist, and results from an internal audit.
Implementing the PDCA will ensure quality and performance of the operational security control methods. Benefits of implementing the PDCA include improved security posture, improved security planning, ongoing protection, manageable auditing, and a reduced liability of information.

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