Essay about Healthcare Systems And Health Care Systems

Essay about Healthcare Systems And Health Care Systems

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Public health is a priority around the world, and health care systems were created to help take care of the public. The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are industrialized countries that have different health care systems and approach public health differently. It is important to compare global health care systems to discover best practices, attempt to lower costs, and improve outcomes. Predicting future trends in public health is difficult, but to improve health care and one can look to the past to improve the future.
Health Systems around the World
The United States’ healthcare system is often compared to health care systems in other industrialized countries. According to Davis, Stremikis, Schoen, and Squires (2014), “The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance” (para 1). The United States is considered the richest country in the world, yet does not provide universal health insurance. Canada and the United Kingdom provide universal health care coverage, but outcomes between the two are not even comparable.
In 2014, a research study analyzed the structure and rankings of the top 11 industrialized health care systems. The study evaluated at quality of care, access to health care, efficiency, equity, and health lives. The United Kingdom’s overall score was rated number one while Canada and the United States ranked at ten and eleven, respectively. More importantly, the United Kingdom had the highest scores in all but one of the twelve categories. Canada’s scores averaged an 8 while the United States averaged 7.8 (Davis et al, 2014). It is estim...

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There are health care systems around the world that work to improve the health of the public. In the industrialized countries, there are mechanisms in place to review their outcomes based on quality of care, access to care, efficiency, and heathy lives. In assessing each country’s strengths and weaknesses, the country has an opportunity to make changes to improve their practices in order to provide better cost-effective care. Community-based programs can be established to help research potential areas of risk to the public such as anti-smoking campaigns. Public health officials can also look in the past for lessons learned and provide education to communities to prevent potential epidemic outbreaks. If an outbreak is likely, health care systems and public health departments need to work closely to minimize the effects to the general population.

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