Healthcare Administrators : Professional And Ethical Essay

Healthcare Administrators : Professional And Ethical Essay

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Healthcare administrators are expected to be professional and ethical. Situations will arise where the ethical course of action is not clear. If healthcare administrators learn to be self-regulating and follow their code of ethics, actions and decisions made will be consistent and will be reflective of a good steward of resources.
Healthcare administrators are expected to create policies. These policies will affect the well-being of patients and employees. Aroskar (1998 December 31) explains when developing policies, the least advantaged need to be the benchmark. Consideration of the indirect and direct consequences of the policies must take into account the least advantaged. An example of this would be if the organization had a policy, which included having the ability to pay and income inequalities as the sole screening determination for access to health care, then this would be considered unethical (Aroskar, 1998 December 31).
Healthcare administrators are expected to provide quality patient care with limited resources while ensuring financial stability. Overseeing billing and collections, developing budgets, and financial planning are responsibilities of a healthcare administrator. It can be very difficult to keep a balanced budget in a healthcare organization. Unfortunately, healthcare is a business and must have the financial backing to keep the doors open.
In an effort to ensure profit, one might reward cost-effective care without regard for quality, discharge patients before they are ready, charge for services never received, render services not needed, or falsify diagnoses (Silva, 1998 December 31). All of these practices are unethical and must be avoided at all costs. Silva (1998 December 31) explains that the...

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...ortable with doing the right thing and speaking up when situations arise where things were not done ethically. Employees should understand what is expected of them and feel empowered to behave in an ethical manner. The lines of communication should be open so that employees are comfortable coming to management to discuss and find resolutions to ethical issues. Healthcare administrators should practice ethical decision-making at all times and help develop staff to do the same.
In conclusion, healthcare administrators must provide high quality care through ethically sound policy. Processes must be clear and fair and ongoing ethics training must be provided for all levels of staff responsible for patient care. They must follow their code of ethics and be self-regulating. In doing so, actions and decisions made will be reflective of a good steward of resources.

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