The Health System Of The Public Healthcare System Essay

The Health System Of The Public Healthcare System Essay

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As many have stated, the healthcare system in Colombia is in crisis. The quality of healthcare is subpar, especially in the public healthcare sector. Nobody gets turned away in the public healthcare system which leads to immense hospital overcrowding and a severe decrease in quality of care (Webster, 2012). The pubic clinics and rural healthcare institutions have poorer outcomes and are far less accessible (InterNations, 2016).
The private hospitals, who serve the people with contributory health insurance – those who can afford insurance, are of high quality. Although theoretically people with subsidized insurance can go to a private hospital, few people even try for they will be sent straight to the public hospitals. People with private insurance often have better outcomes in regards to chronic diseases and have lower infant and mother mortality rates. This is because there is corruption in the system and healthcare providers only do what they can bill for, and there are many more things to bill for in the private hospitals than the public (Webster, 2012).
Furthermore, private healthcare institutions usually obey all of the quality standards and have state of the art facilities and equipment, especially in the big cities. The clinics in Colombia are among the best in South America and attract many people from around the globe, particularly for elective surgical procedures. In fact, Colombia has made many firsts in terms of transplant accolades such as first kidney transplant with a live donor in 1973 to the first thin intestine transplant in 2004 (InterNations, 2016).
Comparison to US Healthcare
Many comparisons can be made between the healthcare in the United States and Colombia but there are also many differences. There a...

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...ameworks have also helped to strengthen healthcare in Colombia.
There are many similarities between Colombian and US healthcare including the mixed market system (Webster, 2012) and a proportion of the population having health coverage (Alvarez, n.d.; KFF, 2016). There are also a few differences including quality (Dayaratna, 2012), GDP allocation (WHO, 2013), and healthcare being a right in Colombia but not in the US (Webster, 2012). The strengths are also similar with access to quality services, no denial of insurance, and good health coverage (Cooper & Taylor, 1997; Ribe, Robalino, & Walker, 2012). The foundations that the Colombian healthcare system are set are very strong and are in the interest of the people. With a few tweaks to limit the corruption and increase the quality of public healthcare, the Colombian health system could be among the top in the world.

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