Essay on Health System in Finland

Essay on Health System in Finland

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At the start of 2007 the population of Finland was 5.3 million. Average life expectancy is 76 years for men and 83 years for women in 2005. The health of the Finnish population has considerably improved, but socioeconomic inequality in mortality is increasing. The most important public health problems are circulatory diseases, malignant tumours, musculoskeletal diseases, diabetes and mental health problems. Health problems are obesity, chronic lung diseases and diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes. (Vuorenkoski L. 2008 )

`The foundation of the health services is laid down in the constitution of Finland . According to the constitution: Everyone shall be guaranteed by an act the right to basic subsistence in the event of unemployment, illness, and disability and during old age as well as at the birth of a child or the loss of a provider. The public authorities shall guarantee for everyone, as provided in more detail by an act, adequate social, health and medical services and promote the health of the population.´ (Vuorenkoski L. 2008 )

2.1. Health system in Finland

There are three different health care systems acting of public funding: municipal health care, private health care and occupational health care systems. Largest operator is a municipal health care. Every municipality must offer primary health services in health centre. Finland have 20 hospital districts (excluding Åland islands), which provision of municipal secondary care services. Each municipality must be a member and financed and managed of one hospital district. (Vuorenkoski L. 2008 )

The private sector provides about 16% of outpatient visits to physicians, 41% of outpatient visits
to dentists and 5% of inpatient care periods. NHI covers about one thir...

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...gional Hospitals offer similar services like those agreed at district level, but there are specialists in various fields and offer additional services. Consultant Hospitals is the highest level of hospital services. There are four referral hospitals namely, the Muhimbili National Hospital which cater the eastern zone; Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) which cater for the northern zone, Bugando Hospital which cater for the western zone; and Mbeya Hospital which serves the southern Highlands. Treatment Abroad is depending on the foreign exchange position. Some patients have to be sent for treatment abroad if facilities and equipment are not available in the country. Public Education is concerned with identifying prevailing health problems and disseminating to the public methods of preventing and controlling them involvement in Primary Health Care (PHC).

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