Health Issues Of Health And Inequality Essay

Health Issues Of Health And Inequality Essay

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Health and inequality have always been two very controversial topics in society. Society tends to classify us into a class (or social class) based on unequal distribution of power, wealth, income, and status (Germov 2015: p. 510). Your socioeconomic status”(SES) is also a major factor in the health inequalities we face in todays society. What does socioeconomic status (SES), even mean?
According to Germov (2015: p.517) “SES is a statistical measure of relative inequality that classifies individuals, households, or families into one of three categories based on their income, occupation, and education. There are three different categories you can be classified under, which are: low SES, middle SES, or high SES. The socioeconomic status an individual makes has and always will affect the way you are treated in society, as well as your health. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states, that there is a substantial body of evidence that people of lower SES have worse health than others (ABS, 1999). In the context of this essay, I will be exploring health-related data on health and inequality, then relating it towards the indigenous population.
First of all, how do we go about explaining health inequality? Germov (2015: 87-93) states that the most common explanations of health inequality can be grouped into five main categories. These five categories are artifact explanations, natural/social selection explanation, cultural/behavioral explanation, materialist/structural explanations, and psycho-social/social capital explanation of the social gradient of health. Basically, health inequality has to do with what your status is as an individual, cultural, economic, as well as education level. In the textbook, Germov (2015: 516) defines the...

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...g hospitalised due to injuries (ABS & AIHW 2008, p.126).
The information I provided above shows more than enough evidence of the health inequities this population faced. For many of the health inequalities, the victims would be blamed for their experiences. This was called, “victim-blaming.” Govmov (2015: p. 518) defines this as “the process where social inequalities is explained in terms of individuals being solely responsible for what happens to them in relation to the choices they make…” If a population of a higher class was to face the same health inequalities the indigenous people faced, it would be a different story. They would not be blamed for their health inequalities; someone else would have the blame. At the end of the day, it all comes down to where you stand in society. Whether its low, middle, or high class it will always affect how one is treated.

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