The Health Condition Of Homeless People Essay

The Health Condition Of Homeless People Essay

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Introduction: The Health Condition of Homeless People
Estimates from the Homelessness Partnering Secretariat of Canada in partnering with some Non-Governmental Organizations have in the past released some disturbing statistics concerning the number of Canadians who are homeless. They suggest that approximately 150,000 to 200,000 Canadians residents experience homelessness per annum without calculating the ones who prefer to seek refuge from their friends and families. Evidently, homelessness is a persistent problem which prevails around the entire Canada due to the escalating figures which illustrate massive numbers of people without shelters. The health conditions of the homeless are definitely jeopardized since the health standards of the rescue centers are not the very best and hence they constantly experience disease outbreaks. They are therefore exposed to multitudinous health threats which are devastating since this not only contributes to deterioration of their health condition but also threatens their existence.
The homeless are definitely in that situation by chance and not by choice since they did not definitely choose to be in the challenging situation in which they are in their current state. Therefore their health condition should be critically considered and the countless diverse barriers which are in existence and deter them from accessing the proper medical care just like any other Canadian should be promptly scrapped out. Multitudinous people disregard them and even consider them as invaluable and therefore no one seems to concern themselves with their health needs. When neglected, this predisposes them to a wide a range of health threats since they are insignificant and there are no preventive measure...

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...nt simply because he was dirty. The news were unbelievable since all the people could not believe the inhumane act which questioned the priority of health officers saving lives or refusing to get into contact with a dirty patient.
There are multitudinous barriers homeless individuals accrue when striving to access healthcare. Discrimination has been noted to be paramount due to the inhumane acts committed by a wide variety of diverse groups and individual in an effort to shun the homeless individuals. The homeless should be entitled to the proper Medicare like any other civilian in Canada since thy have similar rights its only that the homeless is less unfortunate. In fact, the homeless should be given a higher priority since they need the doctors most since they are vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases due to the environment they live in.

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