Essay on Health Care for All

Essay on Health Care for All

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Access to preventive health care should not be definable as one of life’s luxuries, yet that is what is has come to be for the approximately “50 million Americans” who have no health insurance (Turka & Caplan, 2010). Clogged emergency rooms and “preventable deaths” are just two of the consequences associated with the lack of health insurance that would provide access to preventive care (Turka & Caplan, 2010). We as a nation are depriving our citizens of one of our most basic needs—being healthy.
Countries that have universal health plans, like Japan and Germany, have better life expectancy rates, spend less on health care, and have more than double the number of its citizens insured (Stephens & Ledlow, 2010). While the debate over universal health care rages on here in the United States, we are ultimately spending more “on healthcare” while offering “fewer services to (our) citizens (Stephens & Ledlow, 2010).
Access to primary care could make all the difference in what we as a country spend on healthcare for those who cannot afford it. Many people with no insurance coverage will wait to seek healthcare until their illness becomes much more complicated that it would have been if they could have afforded to visit a primary care physician when they first started feeling ill (Stephens & Ledlow, 2010). For the indigent and working poor, visiting a doctor often means not paying a utility bill or it may even prevent them from buying groceries. “Fifteen percent of low-income adults find it difficult to afford food” which means there is little chance that they will have health insurance (Hoffman & Paradise, 2008).The cost of providing these people with coverage that would give them access to a primary care physician has to be much le...

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