Essay about The Health Care Delivery System

Essay about The Health Care Delivery System

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Today, the health care delivery system is being challenged to implement value-based strategies to improve quality, cost efficiencies, access to care, and patient-centered care. Regulatory agencies, professional quality and patient-centered healthcare organizations (i.e., Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Institute of Medicine, and the Institute for Patient-and Family-Centered Care), payers, and consumers are pushing for this transformation. The proposed strategic plan is focused on improving three HCAHPS performance scores in an effort to improve the healthcare delivery system and include, physician communication, pain management, and patients understanding of discharge care and treatment information.
The provision of staff education improves associate knowledge and engagement in understanding the “why” of their work. Education also increases awareness. Often times, providers and associates do not realize how their actions and behaviors affect the patient experience of care and the quality performance of the organization. Engaged healthcare teams are invested in the success of the organization and seek to ensure that service excellence principles are guiding care processes. However, care processes must be founded on the best research, the best clinical expertise, and patient preferences (evidence-based practice) to produce reliable and consistent results. Therefore, the healthcare team must be knowledgeable about evidence-based strategies/tools that demonstrate reliable results in achieving quality of care. The strategic plan identifies evidence-based processes that improve communication, pain management, and patient understanding of discharge care and treatment and include: 1) AIDET, 2) plain language, 3) teach-back; ...

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...ted by the patient, including the patient and/or caregiver in the care and treatment discussions is important to encourage and reinforce care and treatment recommendations to reach optimal health outcomes.
The strategic plan is intended to have direct and indirect positive outcomes that improve the health care delivery system. Changing processes to improve direct patient care is realized in the day-to-day activities of patient care. However, indirect positive gains from process changes are reflected in readmission rates and HCAHPS scores. Without change, the system will remain status quo. Patients and payers are unsatisfied with the current status. The implementation of evidence-based strategies to improve patient care processes will have a positive impact on quality, cost, access and patient-centered care, hence, adding value to the health care delivery system.

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