`` Happiness `` By Raymond Carver Essay

`` Happiness `` By Raymond Carver Essay

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Happiness can come from many factors in life and it varies for each human being. Achieving that certain happiness is what allows people to progress through life whether it be money, family, or food. Raymond Carver’s “Happiness” is a poem that demonstrates how joy can occur at any given time, all a person needs is consciousness to notice the small details in life in order to experience happiness. The theme of the poem is that happiness can occur unexpectedly at any given time, Carver establishes this theme by his use of the elements of poetry.
Raymond Carver was born on May 25, 1938; he was the son of a sawmill worker who became an American short story writer and poet. He was not interested in establishing a writing career until he took a creative writing course at Chico state college. His stories and poems greatly depict his own life through scenes that every commoner can relate to. The narratives often involve characters that suffer from broken marriages, financial problems, and failed careers; they are often unable to understand or even articulate their own anguish. As every normal human being, he too suffered from problems such as alcoholism. Carver began drinking heavily in 1967 and was hospitalized in the 1970’s (Britannica). It was not until the late 1970’s that he conquered his drinking problem and eventually came out with a poem called “Happiness”.
The poem “Happiness” is about the speaker’s morning routine and the sight of two boys delivering newspaper. The feeling of happiness is exemplified through various figurative languages such as personification and symbolism. An example of symbolism is when the narrator states, “So early it’s still almost dark out” (Carver, line 1). With subtle detail, the speaker states “almost ...

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...ver’s casual tone which makes it easier for the audience to comprehend the poem. An example of this is when the
narrator states, “and the usual early morning stuff” (Carver, line 3). In english literature the word “stuff” is informal, however by using this word Carver establishes his tone. This stanza invokes a feeling of familiarity that one can find between friends. Carver takes advantage of this technique and expresses his experience by speaking in a natural way as if he is similar to any human being on earth. In addition to tone, Carver’s diction also does well in
Carver uses common words such as “usual” and “ dark out” in his poem; these easygoing words allow the reader to relate to the poem. Simple diction is evident throughout the poem, an example is when the narrator states, “I think if they could, they would take / each other’s arm” (Carver, lines 12-13).

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