Hair Make-up and Effects Essay

Hair Make-up and Effects Essay

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Hair Make-up and Effects
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the durability of various types of weave bonding techniques and freeing the hair follicle of the left of residue it may leave that causes long term affects to contribute to the world of hair being that many women of today’s society enjoy the beautiful, full natural looking hair. Over the years weaves and/or hair extension have become quite popular. Why wait years to grow your own hair when you can go out to your local beauty supply store and buy some? The methods of adding extension to natural hair, omitting race and/or ethnic background include the most common fusion, glue bonding or sewing. Along with these magical hair growth spurts, hair damage sometimes plays a part in the after effect of temporary beauty. A study by Ali N. Syed has revealed certain types of hair damage that include Cuticle Loss and/or Erosion, Longitudinal Rupturing, and Fibril Disintegration. In conclusion the scientific concepts related to this experiment are the various ways the hair cuticle, follicle, and/ or shaft can be harmed and potentially protected and nourished with human influence and/or control.

Hair Make-up and Effects
What is the anatomy of the hair shaft?
A strand of hair is more than just a simple strand of hair. The hair shaft is quite complex with various parts and layers. There are two separate structures within a strand of hair. These two structures consist of the hair shaft and the hair follicle. According to Brannon (2006) the hair follicle has a “stocking-like structure” and this tiny structure has multiple parts surrounding it with each holding its own job. At the base of the hair follicle is dermal papilla the function of this base is...

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