Essay on Guy Ritchie's Snatch

Essay on Guy Ritchie's Snatch

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Snatch directed by Guy Ritchie (2000) is a nonlinear film told with two main story lines which are interwoven around each other. Plot A of the film is about a boxing promote named Turkish who is indebted to local bookie Brick Top. Plot B follows a 86 caret diamond as it is brought to London and ends up moving through the underground crime scene in London. The editor of the film uses various techniques to tell the story of how the diamond passes from character to character using and how it gets to the end point which is outlined in the beginning of the film with Turkish narrating at the beginning of the film “what do I know about Diamonds.” This essay will outline the various technique the editor and director of the film used to tell the story of the diamond using both dramatic and comedic moments through the use of transitions, length and arrangement of shots, use of small montages to identify characters, use of pause and slow motion and narration to continue the story and provide energy to the film and the use of time jumping to increase the comedic elements of the film.
Nonlinear editing and storytelling use the advances in editing from a linear process to a nonlinear process and applies them to the process of storytelling (Dancyger, 2007) and major way this it used in Snatch (2000) is by not having one main character but by having four main groups of characters who the film follows through out. With having four groups of characters the introduction of these character represent a challenge as the audience is introduced to a large number of people quickly into the film. The use of transitions at both the beginning of the film and throughout the film to bring the story together and tie each group of character together allows fo...

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... pacing and editing of dialog scenes and use of nonlinear play back of time allow for the editing of Snatch (2000) to tell a nonlinear story in a fast paced way. The uses of different transitions throughout the film allow for the different groups of characters to interact with each other in both a direct and non-direct manner as to have overlap of every character in the film. The use of pacing and editing in dialog scene allowed for the audience to be reminded of the connection between different sets of characters.

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