The Guidelines And Inconsistencies Of The Bidding And Selection Processes Of World Sporting Events

The Guidelines And Inconsistencies Of The Bidding And Selection Processes Of World Sporting Events

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The guidelines and inconsistencies of the bidding and selection processes of world sporting events

Hosting the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup can have tremendous benefits to the Candidate City and its respective country. In order to successfully host a world sporting event it takes years of planning; as well as consistent cooperation between the relevant organizations, the local and federal authorities, and the stakeholders. The bidding processes used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) are often expensive and time consuming, but these organisations ensure that their selection procedures are crucial to making sure that the Games create a positive and long lasting legacy for the host city and country. In the past, the host cities for the Olympic Games and the World Cup have usually been in developed countries, however, the recent and upcoming world sporting events all seem to be hosted by developing countries with non-democratic political regimes. Therefore, we must ask ourselves the questions, why are these countries being selected to host world sporting events? And, why has there been a decrease in bids submitted by the developed nations?
In order to answer these questions, we must examine the organizations themselves, as well as the bidding procedures and the recent selection results. It is no secret that an organization such as FIFA has had its issues with corruption, but what we must consider is that the members of the executive boards of the IOC and FIFA all belong to the economic elite. These executives, whom many are royal elites, have significant political and business ties. These organizations treat their executives to excessive salaries and...

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... key success factors”. In their conclusion they notably found that to increase the probability of winning, “no actor alone should have a definitive status, the sport stakeholder group should have at least the expectant status, and no strategic stakeholder should have the latent status”. As a result, they also concluded that the stakeholder salience and network governance factors can be seen as the ninth key success factor of a bid, when considering Westerbeek et al’ factors of a successful bid for a major sporting event. The first eight factors are identified by Westerbeek et al (2002), in their paper Key success factors in bidding for hallmark sporting events, where they concluded that governments, the city, facilities, consumers/community, national sporting organizations, sponsors, media, and participants were the most important factors of a successful bid.

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