Growing Up Of A Toxic Environment On Human Development Essay example

Growing Up Of A Toxic Environment On Human Development Essay example

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Growing Up in a Toxic Environment Will Negatively Effect Human Development

How young children will think and behave as adults is highly effected by the things they experience early on in life. You might say that Laura was raised with strict religious values and is a very judgmental person, or that Josh was raised with little to no values and has now developed a disrespectful personality. Even if you aren’t sure of the cause of a persons behavior you can always be sure that there is one. The way that a person responds to and handles certain situations depends on how that person was raised to do so. Things like point of view and sense-of-self are developed in childhood, and are effected by early experiences and environment.
Have you ever wondered what makes a person think the way they do? Brain architecture is the neural connections across different areas of the brain that form throughout life. “Brain architecture provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health” (Brain Architecture). According to The Center on the Developing Child the early years are the most active period for establishing neural connections, with 700 to 1,000 new connections being made
every second in the first few years of life. The connections that form early will provide either a strong or weak foundation for the connections that form later (n, pag.).
During a childs early development their brain is acutely responsive to experiences and environment. These experiences leave a chemical ‘signature’ on genes that can determine whether and how genes are expressed. Experiences trigger signals between neurons which produce proteins in response. These are gene regulatory proteins, which proceed to the nucleus of the neural cell where they wi...

... middle of paper ...’s much more stressful to see your parents constantly unhappy or fighting with each other. Personally I would rather raise my child in a single parent home than to demonstrate to them that it is okay to let someone mistreat you or make you unhappy. Parents never want their children to have to go through what they’ve gone through, regardless of what it may be. However people in situations similar to these have usually been part of an unhealthy cycle for quite some time. People who grow up in a toxic home environment tend to end up raising their children the same way, a cycle such as this one could roll out from generation to generation. I know that’s not something that I would want to put a child through, if you’re aware that there is something effecting your personal being you need to put a stop to it. There’s a large possibility it’s also effecting your family.

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