Essay on The Growing Epidemic Of Overweight Minors And Increased Medical Costs

Essay on The Growing Epidemic Of Overweight Minors And Increased Medical Costs

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With the growing realization that our children are exposed to less physical activity and a sedimentary lifestyle, it is no wonder that obesity among school aged children have tripled in the last 30 years (Centers for Disease Control. 2012). Part of this is due to the decline of nutritional food being offered children in school, as well as the lack of availability of healthy ingredients. At the same time, many providers are using high fructose sugar, from which many foods can be made and sold cheaper. And to that, let us add that most children, once they get home from school, do not participate in a level of physical activity that will significantly benefit them. These are contributing to a growing epidemic of overweight minors and increased medical costs. Who is responsible for this problem? And what steps are being taken to make sure that children are given every opportunity to grow up and experience a healthy first 10 years in their developmental process?
We live in an age when child safety awareness is at an all-time high. Parents and the public are provided with numerous warnings regarding the safety and risks regarding toys. The same can be said about the expectation of care providers to supply seat belts and safety measures, like bike helmets, when children are participating in potentially dangerous activities. Yet the problem exists that children are surrounded with an over abundancy of fast food, vending machines, and inexpensive foods with ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup (Mcallister, Dhurandhar, Keith, Aronne, Barger, Baskin & Allison, 2009). This is exasperated by a food industry that continues to market processed foods at an accelerated rate (Schwartz & Brownell, 2007). There is a growing amount of schools ...

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...nski & Arndt, 2005).
In the school setting, proper diet and exercise does not solve all of the educational system’s problems. Clearly, schools are not the only source of high sugar, low fiber diets. Parents and families play an important role in the development and management of a child’s diet and exercise. Both parties are responsible to create healthy boundaries, routines, and habits. Just like school children eat together, families taking mealtime together also creates opportunities for them to speak and interact. Working together, schools and families can use the common goal of providing nutritional meals, creating healthy expectations, and teaching children the benefits of being physical fit to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

it does help answer the challenge of children with early onset diabetes and overall poor test results due to absence and physical issues.

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