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  • A Bout De Souffle

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    'A bout de souffle', Jean-Luc Godard's eerste 'feature' film (1960), heeft een vrij simpele verhaallijn, dat geschreven is door vroegere collega en vriend Francois Truffaut: Een man steelt een auto in Marseilles en rijdt naar Parijs. Tijdens deze rit wordt de hoofdpersoon, Michel Poiccard, aangehouden door de politie wegens het overschrijden van de maximum snelheid, waarna hij een agent neerschiet en rennend verder gaat naar de lichtstad. In Parijs moet hij geld ophalen bij een vriend van hem en

  • Something bout republicans

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    Trickle down economics or "Reaganomics" is an economic plan that is meant to boost the economy by making life easier for the richest of our society. By giving them tax breaks and letting them keep more of their money we allow them to spend more money and make more investments. The idea is that their wealth will "trickle down" to lower economic classes by Improving the economy as a whole. It was prominent in the 1890s and was known as the "horse and sparrow" theory. It was called this because of

  • Viktor Bout: A Merchant of Death

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    Americans, conspiring to kill American officers or employees, conspiring to acquire and use anti-aircraft missile, illegal purchase of aircraft, wire fraud, and money laundering. This “Merchant of Death” is none other than Soviet Union national, Viktor Bout. He was born in Dushanbe, USSR on January 13, 1967. While it is known that he worked for the Soviet military as a translator there are no clear documents stating what rank he held, some people said he was discharged in 1991 with a rank of Lieutenant

  • The Nature Of Love, By Aristophanes

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    Before Aristophanes begins his speech he is interrupted by a bout of hiccups, allegorically suggestive regarding the nature of love as unpredictable and out of our control, something to which our reason is subverted. After the hiccups have ceased, Aristophanes recounts the alleged story of human origin, how humans were once whole beings who were separated into halves by the Greek god Zeus as punishment. These halves are now on a quest for unification with their corresponding half in order to achieve

  • Warruh You Know'um 'Bout Dat Geeche

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    Think of a time back on before yonder, when the slave ships were sailing in the ports of Charleston and Savannah. What they thought they we bringing through were slaves, but what they didn’t know was they were bringing through a rich culture that would flourish for quite some time. Throughout ages people have always stated that Gullah was just a language, when Gullah is indeed a way of life. The Gullah Heritage is revealed through their history, their culture and their language. Gullah itself goes

  • Comparing the Narrative and Formal Devices of ChungKing Express and A Bout de Souffle

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    Comparing the Narrative and Formal Devices of ChungKing Express and A Bout de Souffle Wong Kar Wai’s movie ‘ChungKing Express’ bears many similarities to Godard’s ‘A Bout de Souffle’. To start with, Wai employs a number of cinematic techniques, obviously derived from the French New Wave, such as for example the jump-cut which is evidently taken from Godard’s film. His use of the Godard-ian jump cut seamlessly blends temporally-exclusive scenes together, making the passage

  • Discovering One's Self in Better Be Ready Bout Half Past Eight by Allison Baker

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    Discovering One's Self in Better Be Ready Bout Half Past Eight by Allison Baker After reading Allison Baker's " Better Be Ready 'Bout Half Past Eight" it made me realize that discovering one's self is a situation our world is going through right now. In her short story one of Allison Baker's main characters, Zach tells his best friend of thirty-eight years that he is going to have a sex change. Zach tells Byron that he feels trapped in the wrong body and that he is going to become a woman

  • The Different Messages from the Last Suppers

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    Dierec Bouts, a Netherlandish painter, and Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance painter, are both known for their paintings of The Last Supper. While both versions of the last supper center around the same biblical event, the artists used techniques such as linear perspective, detail, and shapes to create different messages; one involving the whole idea of Christianity and the other narrowly focusing on biblical story and the sin involved When comparing linear perspective in the two Last Supper’s

  • The Olympic Games: Olympic Level Fencing

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    called a “bout” to score points by striking the opponent with their weapon which is called a “touch”. A fencing match is done on a 14 by 2 meter strip known as the “piste”. Since a bout is high paced and physically viewing the location on where a “touch” is can be difficult all judging and scoring is done electronically. A center line across the middle divides the strip into two side with two on-guard lines 2 meters (6.5 feet) from the center line on each strip (Turner et al, 2013). During a bout, fencers

  • Dinking Game Rulebook

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    in front of them before and after bouts. How to Play This game is played in bouts. There is no limit to the number of bouts that can be played. Before a bout can begin, each player must have their beer cup properly filled and must have their quarter in their quarter cup. Each player is dealt a card. The person with the highest card (Aces are the highest) is the player who will start the first bout. No other player is allowed to start the bout. The bout begins when the starting player dumps