Group Proposal : Parents Of Children Diagnoses With Permanent Hearing Loss

Group Proposal : Parents Of Children Diagnoses With Permanent Hearing Loss

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Group Proposal: Parents of Children Diagnoses with Permanent Hearing Loss
This essay investigates some current evidence for the value of a parent group for parents of children diagnosed with permanent hearing loss. This proposed parent group aims at helping parents to cope with the initial difficult phase with the overall aim of promoting the families ' self efficacy.
In Australia, the prevalence of children with a hearing impairment of 40 dB or more in the better ear is as high as 10-15/10,000 live births (Porter & Edirippulige, 2007). Hearing loss affects not only speech and language development, but also cognitive and social well-being. It has been noted that those diagnosed before 6 months of age and received appropriate early intervention develop better language and speech skills (Yoshinaga-Itano, Sedey, Coulter, & Mehl, 1998). However, an investigation done in the US stated that while hearing loss is identified as a developmental emergency, there is no adequate emergency assistance. Majority of these children are born to normal hearing parents with little knowledge and experience with hearing impairment(Luckner & Velaski, 2004). Those parents are caught off-guard and may exhibit strong emotions upon the diagnosis. It is important to address their psychosocial, psychoeducational and psychoemotional needs(Ford, 2013).
Social support is related to the well-being of the families. When compared with other forms of support such as written information and phones calls, parents rate support groups are extremely helpful(Ford, 2013). In a group, parents are also more powered to advocate for changes in the service delivery. From Yalom 's eleven therapeutic factors, a parent support group is able to address seven of them(Fo...

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...vices(Aussiedeafkids, 2012). Setting connection with them prepares parents to be discharged from the proposed group.
In week four, families with deaf children are invited to share their experience. Parents can choose to join their support groups later on. This group is only intended to help and guide them during this acute period, they can move to groups that are geographically convenient to them or online groups afterwards.
The goals in week five is to summarize previous sessions and review parents ' reflection and actions. This would involve a review on previously set goals and make specific adjustment to tailor individual needs. At the end of the programs, participants are required to complete the initial questionnaire. Ideally parents would have much better understanding about hearing loss and where to get support. They should have developed a plan on their moves.

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