The Great Leaders Break The Mold Of Doubt By Setting High Standards Essay

The Great Leaders Break The Mold Of Doubt By Setting High Standards Essay

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” (Williamson, 1992, p.190). Fear is a powerful driving force that can make or break a person’s spirit. Fear can be a persistent source of pressure or unease sabotaging goals, performance, and opportunities. Oftentimes people avoid or cautiously implement a goal, a new project or an idea when too much thought is placed on the reasons why or how they will not succeed. Great leaders break the mold of doubt by setting high standards, managing by objectives, and holding themselves and followers accountable.
Coach Carter, a 2005 drama set in Richmond California is based on a true story focused around a losing basketball team of disruptive, unruly, and under educated players. Due to his alumni status and his own personal successes playing basketball Coach Carter was hired for one purpose, to win basketball games. Upon arrival Coach Carter realizes that regardless of how many basketball victories he can lead the team to; their futures are doomed for failure if the current lifestyle choices they are making continue. Armed with numerous years of personal experience Coach Carter knows that the transformation he desires from these players and school will take effort along with the use of multiple styles of leadership.
The Hersey Blanchard Situational Theory is defined as an extension of the leadership grid focusing on the characteristics of followers as the important element of the situation, and consequently, of determining effective leader behavior (Daft, 2008, p.73). Coach Carter understood by the immature and unwilling nature of the basketball players that their follower readiness level was low. Needing to provide...

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...ntracts they had personally signed. With passing scores and a higher sense of purpose many of these players went on to college earning degrees, proving that once school was over there was a higher purpose for their lives.

Leadership is an ever evolving skill; it can at times push a leader to their limits. One single style of leadership will not work with every follower or task; leaders must learn what level the followers are on, empower them with insight and motivation to get them to the next level and beyond. Active leaders seek to perform beyond organizational issues and use rational skills to learn and develop relationships that set them up for continued growth. Sometimes a leader may feel they have exhausted all efforts and they can do no more, this could be the exact moment when the multiple styles of leadership take effect and the goal is realized.

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