Grandparents Are The Best Of Friend And Kind Person You Will Ever Meet Essay

Grandparents Are The Best Of Friend And Kind Person You Will Ever Meet Essay

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Grandparents are the best of friend and kind person you will ever meet. They love and care about their granddaughter very much. Children enjoy spending time with their grandparents because they are full of story and they always seem to have candy or cookie with them. Children are always excited to about their grandparents ' visitations especially on holidays or birthdays. They hoped that one day they will see their granddaughter grow up and change the world. A Long the way their life turn upside down and they never get to see that day comes to pass. One day they are here and then they are gone leaving you behind wondering what you have done to keep them longer.
First of all, great-grandmother Abena was not just an ordinary woman. She was talented, adventurous, friendly and joyful person you will ever meet. When grandmother Abena was younger, she traveled around the world serving her famous cuisine to workers in isolated places. There were any cars during so she walked by foot crossing broader to broader entering into other lands. She would take two weeks trip to other natives land and sell food to the people who were living or working there. Sometimes when her food is finished, she would stay longer, and cook to them. She was always trying new things and going beyond your limit. She got the kindness of heart that loves giving and helping people anyway she could. When people come to her in the market where she sells her goods, they do not have money to buy the food, she would give it to them for free and would tell them not to tell anybody else. Her neighbors loved her generously and she how always seem to have an answer to every problem. Because she traveled several times, she always have a good story to tell her children when...

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...nally, it came to the point that was have hided the death of her from her because when she heard about the new of someone she knew, she could cry out and say “What can that be me and why can death come for me ?” Two months before she died she started tell me that my father was coming for me to take my sister and I to some place new. I thought she was talking crazy again and I the reason I said that was seeing and communicating with the death. Sometimes she would say things like” We are hungry or we need more food.” When it was her time to die, she did not know. It was normal day like any other day, we were visited to wedding, three hours later we got a call that she had died, and we rushed home immediately. We were sad that we did not get a chance to say our goodbyes. We were happy that she finally got what she wanted for so long. My great-grandmother is at peace.

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