Robert Shipley And Fern Peircon: The Life Of Robert Simpson's Life And Comparison

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Description Robert Shipley and Fern Peirce married on September 17, 1946. Ferne lost one baby prior to giving birth to a baby girl, Sherry Lynn on May 9, 1948. They divorced soon after and Fern then married Robert Simpson on March 3, 1951. Robert Simpson adopted Sherry when she was three years old. William Ross was born on October 5, 1951 and Ed Leroy was born on November 2, 1953. Ross never married and Ed married young. Ed started a family right away and had four children, three boys and then a girl. Sherry married Donald Tyrrell on July 27, 1968. They welcomed a baby boy, Darin Warren on December 24, 1968. Don and Sherry divorced in 1973. Ralph Edwin Boball Sr. married Genevieve Louise Reynard in 1945, they welcomed Ralph Jr. on October…show more content…
We would get together to celebrate usually at my parent’s house for my mom’s side of the family. At Easter we always had a ham and many side dishes. Thanksgiving always brought a delicious turkey, sweet potatoes, scalloped corn and my favorite cranberry relish. For Christmas we had a ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, glazed carrots, and for desert pumpkin pie. We always had a Christmas tree of some sort with homemade decorations that us kids made. We also celebrated my brother’s birthday since he was born on Christmas Eve. A tradition of my own was to get my parents to let me open one gift on Christmas Eve, because my brother got his birthday presents and I thought it was not…show more content…
My mother also said she remembers her grandparents having friends and family over to play cards and board games. This is something that me and my husband have one in the past, so I would consider it to be a family tradition. Family Stories The Andrews along with the Rounds were the first settlers in Hopkins township. As the story goes the Andrews were the first settlers, but there were more Rounds so they felt they was the first settlers. At Hopkins school they teach the story that the Rounds were in the area first. Our family has the documentation to prove that they were the first settlers in Hopkins and began to build the area. The Pierce’s settled in Hopkins from Ohio. As a little girl I remember going Morrel mushroom hunting with my maternal grandparents and cousins at my great-grandmothers property. My great-grandmother raised sheep until she was 86 years old and the family had to sell them for her safety. She was crawling across the road in the winter to care for them. I remember her always heaving at least one “bottle baby” in the house every year; the grand kids loved to help her feed them. I always loved going to her house on the weekend and making molasses cookies with her and drinking hot

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