Essay on Grammar of Spoken and Written English

Essay on Grammar of Spoken and Written English

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1.0 Introduction:
With technology, spoken language has become one of the major interests among linguists. Previously, written discourse was the main concern as it was easy to access any data whereas spoken language needed to go through various levels such as recording and transcribing in order to be able to obtain authentic data. Though it may sound easy, sometimes restrictions such as a low quality voice recorder was used or difficulty in transcribing slang would make it difficult for a linguist to go into detail of the spoken discourse. Today, with access to computer corpora's, it is feasible to obtain relevant information with regards to spoken language. (Biber, Johansson, Leech, Condrad & Finegan, 1999).
In recent research, similar to written language, spoken language has been looked at through various aspects. one of the major concerns surrounding spoken language is the grammatical form of this discourse. Biber, Johansson, Leech, Condrad & Finegan (1999) states that the same English grammar can be applied to both spoken and written language however research shows that the two use these grammatical features differently.
This essay will be referring to a conversation between two friends in a restaurant, whose main objective is to order food for lunch, together. Their conversation also includes a waitress who is taking down their orders. It will be analyzing key features that are present within the conversation, primarily looking at its grammatical features, followed by its discourse feature and also discussing its lexical features found within the conversation.
This essay will also be looking at the differences between written language and spoken language in terms of the grammar, discourse and lexical features. ...

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...0). Mostly, in spoken language, the context and the purpose of the conversation plays a role in deciding how grammar is used. Leech (2000) further points out that even though they share the same grammar, it carries less weight in spoken language.

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