Good Vs Evil And Doctrine Of Double Effect Essay

Good Vs Evil And Doctrine Of Double Effect Essay

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It is certain that the theory was explained improperly do to that Natural Law follows nature and not god, when it comes to moral acts and immoral acts. God purpose for Humans should not be experience pleasure, its purpose is for humans to flourish, and achieve well being. Also, it did not mention anything about how nature holds, human’s ability to reason and how god created nature using reason. The natural inclinations are not right at all, and there are “preserve life, avoid harm, engage in acts shared by animals, seek truth, build warm social relations, act in harmless and reasonable ways”. Good vs Evil and Doctrine of Double Effect was clear and concise and accurate to what the theory is all about, however it should of emphasize more on the four requirements of the doctrine.

Indeed, there was a chosen proper inclination for act one, which was preservation of life, so that was properly done and a well explanation was given. For the application for the doctrine of double effect, it really does have major issues. The first requirement should have not passe...

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