Good Morning Council Members Of Mary Mother Of God Parish, Miss Mattiaci And Class

Good Morning Council Members Of Mary Mother Of God Parish, Miss Mattiaci And Class

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Good morning council members of Mary Mother of God Parish, Miss Mattiaci and class. I would like to nominate an outstanding individual that I believe would be worthy of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith’s Award whom has promulgated his Catholic values. He has demonstrated respect for all of God 's creations by initiating many aid programs around the world and through his quest for justice. I nominate James Orbinski who has been actively involved in Doctors Without Borders through both providing medical assistance and leading the organization. He has responded to his calling to help people and through his actions spreads Catholic teachings.

James Orbinski was born in England in 1960 and immigrated to Canada with his siblings and parents when he was seven years old. Orbinski grew up in a devout Irish Catholic family and considered becoming a priest, but went to University instead. He earned a psychology degree from Trent University. From a young age he had a strong belief in God. As a child, he saw a television program about the Holocaust with images of people lying dead in Auschwitz. The program frightened him so much so that he had nightmares about the Nazis. Orbinski remained committed to the Catholic vision regardless of society values. Orbinski is committed to his Catholic faith and looks to it for guidance in everyday actions by using it to help make decisions. As Orbinski became older, he knew he wanted to help relieve the suffering of others. He had a strong calling from God for medical school and entered McMaster University as a medical student and became immediately enthralled with the study of immunology. Orbinski’s faith influenced him to help others by joining Doctors Without Bor...

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...e to the injured.

James Orbinski demonstrates natural law through his understanding of we must do and what we must avoid. This is made evident by becoming a humanitarian practitioner and a specialist in improving health worldwide. Orbinski recognizes that he must save human lives or alleviate suffering of others and avoid actions that harm others. He believes in humanitarianism, in citizenship and in actively engaging and shaping the world in which we live, so that it is more humane, fair and just.

In conclusion, James Orbinski strives to be a great Catholic role model by following the Catholic teachings and loving others the way God loves us. I nominate James Orbinski because of his numerous selfless actions in an attempt to better this world. James Orbinski is a well deserving candidate of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith’s Award.

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