The Good Habits That Benefit Our Life Essay

The Good Habits That Benefit Our Life Essay

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Second Nature
There are many good habits which benefit our life, but I refer now to those which express our Life. A habit is not an attitude, a belief, or awareness. A habit is the unconscious expression of these states of mind. Ernest Holmes suggests a few attitudes (cheerfulness, thankfulness, and happiness) which we should always express, but he doesn 't suggest what habits might express them. We might express cheerfulness by smiling, thankfulness by generosity and happiness by adding music to the daily routine. The choice is ours. At first, we must be conscious of the fundamentals of Life and choose accordingly, but eventually our choices become second nature. Life 's potential is our primary nature. The actual expression of this potential becomes second nature when we develop the habit of expressing Life.


“Many of them have helped to form your attitudes of happiness, courage, self-reliance, hope, faith, initiative, industry, and all the other good qualities you have. Here also are stored the memories which may cause many of the negative experiences you encounter.”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 43

Some experiences are memorable, and the memories of those experiences often provide a foundation for our beliefs, attitudes and states of mind. We seldom remember these experiences. We may not even know that we have memories associated with a long forgotten event, and thus we remain unaware of the affect these memories have on our consciousness. But whether you are conscious of it or not, your consciousness will find a way to be expressed in your life. Memories are relived as habits. Some habits, and habitual attitudes, express the emotional states rooted in memory. We no longer remember, but we ...

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...nce. If you know the truth, you can forget about the false. If you know love, you can forget about judging. If you 've turned on a light, you can forget about the darkness. If you know what is ahead of you, you can forget about what is behind you.

“Perhaps some of the experiences of the past had hurt you cruelly; your emotional nature felt a deep, deep injury and you would never forget that event! Well, it doesn 't matter whether you have forgotten it or not. It is now healed and rendered ineffective for you have insisted, declared, and demanded and accepted that all negatives be cleared away;”
The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind, pg. 46

What if your life has been an obstacle course? What if Life is an obstacle course? I would say: Get over it. But, if you are beyond it, looking back, then you are already over it! Look forward to life, for Life is moving forward.

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