Good And Bad : Nietzsche And Priestly Aristocracy, And Master And Slave Morality

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The world, through different means, will always try to degrade people’s existence, but it’s up to us to rise up and act. For Nietzsche, Beauvoir and Voltaire, people should act and take the responsibilities. According to Nietzsche, people give meaning to their life by growing spontaneously, seeking out to say ‘yes’ to life to saturate it with happiness and passion. For Beauvoir, people, especially women, give their life meaning by not condemning to immanence, instead affirming their independence and transcending themselves to justify their existence. As per Voltaire, excessive optimism fades one’s sense of responsibility, taking away his or her freedom to take productive action. For Voltaire, optimism is good only when it compels people to take action, and bad when it forces people into believing that failure is inevitable. In his essay, Good and Evil, Good and Bad, Nietzsche compares and contrasts knightly and priestly aristocracy, and master and slave morality. According to him, the noble individuals who praise themselves and their actions, egoistic or egoistic, as good are defined as ‘good’. For Nietzsche, it is the feeling of superiority, powerfulness over the low class from where the concept of good originates. In contrast to the original morality, Nietzsche marks the modern morality as a product of Jewish radical reevaluation of values. Spilt off between the knights and the priests led to reevaluation; as per him, priests make the evilest enemy. Although physically weak, priests are more intelligent and have more say over the knights, and can do anything when it comes to power, virtue, revenge, pride. Comparing the Jews with the priest, Nietzsche marks the radical reevaluation when the Jews rejected the aristocratic definiti... ... middle of paper ... ...tive, instead of acting upon them. What Candide ended up doing, cultivating his own garden, is what Voltaire urges. As per Voltaire, not letting optimism limit us, we must recognize out potential, which resides in action. Whether it is man or woman, every individual needs a purpose in his or her to keep the life going. However, world presents many obstacles; morality, society or optimism have their own disadvantages. Society being the biggest evil, will often deceive us, especially women, into believing that if we are happy, we are free. Sometimes, society will change the values of the morality and inhibit us from reaching our highest potential. Being optimistic is not bad, but excess of it impairs our thinking and as a result, we resign from our personal power. At the end, it our life and we must take the initiative to express our self regardless of the hindrances.

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