God Is Not Dead, Do You Believe? Essay

God Is Not Dead, Do You Believe? Essay

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God is not dead, do you believe?

Does God exist? Ask a Christian, and an Atheist, you will receive different answers and different perceived ideas. Can there be proof that God does not exist? Can there be proof that God does exist? Sigmund Freud says God is an illusion solely based on our needs for a father figure. Many Scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory, evolution, that there are “no supernatural events that have happened and no reality of God.” http://hotair.com/archives/2012/06/02/poll-nearly-half-of-america-is-creationist/comment-page-5/ Why, in reality, is it so hard for humanity to believe in God. Let us, with this in mind, address and show that God exists, by way of, the Bible and additionally, show you God’s word is not dead, and the existence of God matters.
One thing most scientists tend to agree upon is the Big Bang Theory; some do not tend to believe in creationism of the Universe. Scientist’s theory, nevertheless, states “13.7 billion years ago all matter in the Universe was concentrated into a single tiny point. This point began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion.” This is their evidence for the start of the Universe, “The Big Bang Theory”. Monsignor Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966) a Belgium Roman Catholic Priest came up with the Big Bang Theory. “One 1987 estimate found that "700 scientists ... (out of a total of 480,000 U.S. earth and life scientists) ... give credence to creation-science". “A 1991 Gallup poll however, found that about 5% of American scientists (including those with training outside biology) identified themselves as creationists.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Level_of_support_for_evolution
Some scientists, similarly, are Secularist, meaning indifference to, or rejection, or exclusion...

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... in life. God does exist, he is not dead and it is very important to know that. You cannot, under any circumstances, make a person have faith or believe in everything they read. If you are closed to considering the possibility of God’s existence then no one will convince you. God could appear today, and yet, people would still be in denial, even seeing him in person. People could see him perform miracles, nevertheless, still deny. It is so much easier to deny what scares you, what you do not understand and what you do not want to know. You have just read the parts of the Bible written over thousands of years ago about the signs of the end of time. It is true; it is factual and notwithstanding, it does matter. You have read the facts, seen some evidence of the Bibles words by our creator, and proven by archaeologists, historians, and even scientists. Do you believe?

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