GMO’s: Advantage or Disadvantage? Essay

GMO’s: Advantage or Disadvantage? Essay

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GMO’s: Advantage or Disadvantage?
While shopping in a grocery store most shoppers are unaware that almost 70% of the produce is genetically modified (Smith). When people are told this their minds immediately make genetically modified foods seem like a bad thing. Some will argue that genetically modified foods are bad for a person’s health. Actually, genetically modified foods are almost identical to the original version and can be extremely beneficial to both the environment and the economy.
Recently, the idea of genetically modified salmon has been brought up. Fish farming is expensive to do with all of the extra shipping fees. With the new AquaAdvantage idea, these extra costs will no longer be a problem. The AquaAdvantage is a genetically modified salmon that can be made and distributed more rapidly than a normal fish. The AquaAdvantage fish can also help to put more protein into the average, low protein diet. Even though the fish is genetically safe, the FDA still has not approved the fish (Greenwood).
Just like the price of shipping fish is expensive, farmers have to pay to ship fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Genetically modified foods can help to decrease this extra expense because shipping will no longer be necessary. America will be able to make certain fruits and vegetables without having to rely on other countries. America will also make a bigger profit from the foods because they will not take as long to grow (Greenwood).
Not only do GMO’s have economic benefits, but there are also many environmental benefits. Besides for growing faster, the plants are also less likely to get diseased (Whitman, 2). America looses up to 40% of the food grown because the plants get diseased (Gunders).Genetically ...

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... many environmental benefits including decreasing the amount of food thrown away each year because of diseased plants and fighting pollution. Despite the health warnings, it seems that the advantages of GMO’s outweigh the disadvantages.

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