Essay about Globalization Is Not A Myth

Essay about Globalization Is Not A Myth

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Many people have differing views concerning globalization. This essay will take the perspective that globalization is not a myth. A brief history will be given in order to detail the differing perspectives upon when globalization did commence. It will be discussed how globalization can be defined as a process. Three approaches will then be taken of globalization; economic, political and cultural. This essay will continue to explain three perspectives on globalization to acknowledge that some scholars view globalization as a myth, and some do not. Following this will back up the idea that globalization is not a myth by detailing the impact globalization has had within society, coupled with a few examples.

History of globalization
Different authors depict differing views of when globalization emerged and why it surfaced. Frankel wrote that globalization took place in the 19th century (Frankel, 2000). Meyer also depicted that the awareness of globalization has steadily increased within society since the early 20th century, as a result of the war, the Depression, and violations of human rights and welfare (Meyer, 2007). Meyer also illustrated that the origins of globalization has come from the power and interest of dominant actors in society, as powerful forces act in their own interest, it forces rules in society (Meyer, 2007). Valiyev and Savitch depicted globalization as a new type of social change that has become a powerful force in most aspects of our lives since the 1970s (Valiyev & Savitch, 2010). Similarity, Robertson noted that globalization was not a recognised concept until the late 20th century, around the 1980s (Robertson, 2003). On the other hand, Al-Rodhan wrote that globalization is not a single concept that can be d...

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...ight not seek to exist.

In conclusion, after a great deal of research, globalization can be said to a reality rather than a myth. There effects are too evident for globalization to be a myth. We are able to come to the conclusion that globalisation creates many pressures and opportunities for structuring and standardizing national societies. Globalization can be seen as a positive, we now live in a world that has many opportunities that we did not use to have, for example we now live in a interconnected society where we are able to interact with people all over the globe, wherever, whenever. It can be said that the impact of globalization is limitless, and the examples depicted can indicate and represent this. While some parts of the globe have not directly been associated with globalization, most parts of the world have been touched by this phenomenon.

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