The Global Incom Inequality and the Marxist International Theory Essay

The Global Incom Inequality and the Marxist International Theory Essay

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The global income inequality and the Marxist International Theory


A study reported in the World Institute for Development Economics Research at United Nations University , 40% of global wealth were held by 1 %of of adult in 2000, and the richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total. The lower half of the world's adult population has almost 1% of global wealth. These number income inequality. Income inequality can be divided into two kinds: within country inequality and between country inequality. In this essay, between country inequality has been chosen as the target of studies. Beside the internal factors of the countries, there are many external factors leading to the income disparity between country under the globalization. There are two interesting observations: north-south pattern in income distribution and developing countries with high Gross National Product (GNP) but low per capita GNP- underdevelopment. Some suggested that it results from the world trade mechanism. We want to probe into these observations through the Marxism theory.

In this essay,the theories of Marxism in international perspectives will be briefly introduced at first. Second, the North-South Divide and the underdevelopment in the less developed countries will be described. At the last part, this paper tries to use the Marxism theories to explain these phenomena and evaluate their applicability.

Conceptual tool

Before we analyze the case in the reality, we introduce the Marxism theories associated with the international relations first. Marxism

Tradition Marxism

Marxism is a socio-economic analysis on class-relation and conflict based on the critique of capitalism. The economic mode of production ulti...

... middle of paper ...

...rgeoisie vs proletariat. The North-South Gap is divided by the economic power rather than the national boundary as same as the consideration of economic factor. And the Imperialism Theory by Lenin can explain the process of the exploitation on the less-developed countries that provide raw material and labour. The less-developed countries are the producers and the more-developed countries are the capitalists that provide capital and sell final products back to the less-developed countries. The capitalists (more-developed countries) compress the producers (less-developed countries ) by by cutting down the payment and welfare. It adds the global dimension to the traditional Marxism and explains the process of global exploitation. However, it

From the explanation of the Dependency Theory, it

Using the World Systems Theory.


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