Global Ethical Guidelines and Drug Use Essay

Global Ethical Guidelines and Drug Use Essay

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The limitations produced by ethical judgments are substantially high in the advancement of knowledge in both art and natural sciences. There are various groups or organizations that have produced formal principles to limit and guide activities and research. The principles that are brought upon the human race are typically born to prevent harm because it violates ones right and is seen upon many people as an evil. But these principles have also caused the human race from reaching a conclusion in things such as cures for illnesses, advancement in technology, and discovering the future of the human race. Throughout history there have been many incidents in which these guidelines produced by ethical judgments have prevented gradual advancement in knowledge or have protected the harm that would otherwise be inflicted.
The area of natural sciences I have chosen is the usage of Thalidomide during the post war era. The limitations and guidelines on drug use is a major trend that the world sees. During the post war era, sleeplessness was prevalent among many patients and a drug known as Thalidomide entered the global market. This drug easily made it accessible for forty-six countries and continued to be distributed throughout the world with the aid of advertisements and eventually made itself available for pregnant and nursing mothers. This distribution of the drug did not seem as a potential drug that would cause pain. During this time Frances Kelsey, an FDA inspector prevented the drug from entering US medicinal markets because the “drug contained incomplete and insufficient data on its safety and effectiveness” (Fintel). Her preventative measures were attacked by the pharmaceutical industry and many other groups but with the aid of P...

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...d in tradition, but were not killed in every ceremony.
The ethical guidelines set in place by our society are meant to protect us and keep us away from harm. But throughout history these guidelines have been abused and have created barriers to advancement. Also, these guidelines are not sufficient enough to be used because different cultures have different ethics. As philosopher David Luban says, “You can’t teach good judgment through general rules, because you already need judgment to know how rules apply. Judgment is therefore always and irredeemably particular” (David Luban). In order to create the most accurate guidelines each culture must have their own form of control and not intervene too much with other cultures. Nevertheless global ethical guidelines are a major necessity in our world in order for the human race to keep a formal balance between each other.

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