Global Business Environment : Management And Leadership Essay

Global Business Environment : Management And Leadership Essay

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Due to the complex global business environment, managers and leaders are under higher pressure to ensure effective management of organization. Taking the recent trends into consideration, it is observed that several organizations across the globe have failed, but some companies have clearly enjoyed the success and growth. It is deduced from the research study that the primary reason behind the success and/or failure of any organization purely depends on the management and leadership. Similarly, it is also observed from the past conducted research studies and case studies that since the volume and intensity of issues and threats are increasing, it is becoming more and more difficult for managers to ensure the organizational success. At the same time, some factors such as increasing competition, economies of scale, along with financial factors and market related factors are posing greater threats to companies, thus increasing pressure on managements. On the other end, management in every business entity also tries to focus on adequate strategies and business techniques to ensure the positive results and outcomes.
The following short research report is also designed to understand and analyze the factors associated with management those directly and significantly influence the organizational growth and success. The report below will also focus on the negative and positive areas of management that contribute towards negative and positive results too. However, in order to make the following report more valuable and interesting, case study of Enron Corporation is taken into consideration.
Research Methodology:
In order to construct the following research report, following research methods are used;
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...dea of ethical and morale business practices within the entire firm. Managers since are the backbone of any firm, therefore it is essential to have business managers that are reliable, talented, trustworthy and honest. These are important traits for any business manager that is liable to make business decisions. The importance of overall managerial function cannot be neglected, however firm needs to have effective controlling and monitoring procedures so that managers are monitored and controlled effectively. As the business environment has become highly competitive with market segments highly fragmented forcing business entities to adopt and integrate effective business practices that can ensure that the business is heading towards the path of competitive advantage. In this regard, it is realized that the role and function of manager has become highly indispensable.

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