Essay on Glastonbury Legends One Small Town With Far Too Many Tales

Essay on Glastonbury Legends One Small Town With Far Too Many Tales

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Glastonbury is an average town that is full of many intriguing legends that the world wonders of its veracity. Glastonbury is known for the popular legends of King Arthur, as well as the prestigious Holy Grail. This town also hosts the tales of Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus’s staff that created the Holy Thorn. It is visually apparent that the landscape of Glastonbury is perplexing, but the fables of the Sun Temple created within the rivers and hills are just another one of its falsities. The stories of Glastonbury are interesting, but they are in fact just legends to keep readers occupied. Anyone who has heard or read the tales of Glastonbury would be able to depict what is real from what is false.
Not just one of Glastonbury’s great legends, but one of the greatest in the world is that of King Arthur. After King Arthur's death at the battle of Camlann, not just Arthur, but also his Knights of the Round Table, became famous in Europe. Like religion, science, and any new technology, the news of Arthur spread quickly following the trade routes. The Arthurian legends became a popular story to tell by merchants as they passed through towns. These stories made their way to different countries, monasteries, and even to the royal courts. The problem with the story being passed around was it seemed to change everywhere it went. The Norman bards used the story material to create their own version. The German Minnesinger and the troubadours of Provence did the exact same, spreading their story like the ones before it. New versions over time helped to develop rich literature. Although the legend does change depending on the storyteller, it is still a glorified tale that is read today (Lydeen 1988).
Moreover, the legend of King Arthur may h...

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...versies database.
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