Essay on The Gerstein Report: A Nazi Officer and His Experiences

Essay on The Gerstein Report: A Nazi Officer and His Experiences

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"I prayed with them and cried out to my God and theirs. How glad I should have been to go into the gas chambers with them! How gladly I should have died the same death as theirs! Then an SS officer in uniform would have been found in the gas chambers. People would have believed it was an accident and the story would have been buried and forgotten. But I could not do this yet. I felt I must not succumb to the temptation to die with these people. I now knew a great deal about these murders."
-Kurt Gerstein. 1942
Despite the judgments that were responsible for compensating the international community in terms of done damages to humanity on behalf of the Holocaust, the leading role of certain members who actively participated in the national Socialist movement led by Adolf Hitler is seen with suspicion even among academics and history buffs due to the new ways of torture and murder ever recorded throughout history up to that time.
Most of all Nazi leaders were investigated and sentenced to death, and while most of them appealed his innocence few were lucky in court. The case of Kurt Gerstein despite the ending of the sentence, it was not possible to carry out because the accused committed suicide in his prison cell, but not before he made a detailed report on what he saw, what he lived and what he joined. With his report which is a mix of a testimony and confession, he left as a precedent numbers, places, details on the paper about crimes that humanity have never seen before.
The Gerstein Report had different studies approaches, in first place because t...

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...on, regardless of motive and purpose, will be perceived by every moral-minded person as participation in an especially crass wrong, and therefore wrong itself. The knowledge of what is right requires that if one cannot help, then one should keep away from any connection to the action.”
The perspectives are not trying to show if Gerstein was a good or bad person, an exemplar or non-exemplar Christian because he had for sure a conscience between good and evil. The perspectives of his innocence or culpability hover around the legal framework and on what charge he would be convicted or acquitted given his labor.

It is clear from all points of view that one man alone cannot defeat a whole regime but collaboration to Nazism has to be punished and collaboration to clarify the facts should be rewarded. As martyr Gerstein had to die, as Nazi member he had to be punished.

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